Frequently asked questions

As part of our campaign in support of the proposed Cambridge Sustainable Travel Zone, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions about transport in Cambridge and the Making Connections proposals. Let us know if there’s a question you’d like answered.

Other places you can find answers to questions about the Sustainable Travel Zone include:

What's the Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance?
What's the mission of the Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance?
What do we think about the proposed Sustainable Travel Zone?
How can I have my say on the proposed Sustainable Travel Zone?
Where have the Sustainable Travel Zone proposals come from?
What is the Greater Cambridge Partnership?
What are the main changes being proposed?
When would the changes take place?
Why is Cambridge so congested with traffic?
Why do we need more cycle routes?
Why are some local MPs campaigning against the Sustainable Travel Zone?
Shouldn't we have a referendum on the Sustainable Travel Zone?
How can I find out more about the proposed bus network?
Where can I find a map of the proposed Sustainable Travel Zone?
By how much might traffic be reduced in Cambridge?
Is there really enough congestion on the roads to justify this?
Couldn't congestion just be solved by swtiching off traffic signals?
Why should I use the bus? It's too slow and expensive.
Is it fair for motorists to subsidise buses?
How can bus services be increased when they are currently being cut?
Why must carbon emissions from motor vehicles in Cambridge be reduced?
Will electric vehicles pay the road charge?
How would the proposals improve air quality?
How might Cambridgeshire benefit in the future by introducing road pricing now?
What is bus franchising and why is it important?
Are road closures in Cambridge causing more congestion?
Will the proposals make it easier to walk or wheel around the city?