An image of Drummer Street in Cambridge showing someone riding a bicycle, someone riding a handcycle and a bus and taxi in the background.

Welcome to Cambridge Sustainable Travel Alliance

We aim to unite and inspire people in Cambridgeshire working for a transport network that protects our future and offers genuine choice.

Our vision is of a thriving region of opportunity and inclusion where people can get to where they want to be safely, easily and affordably. We believe that places should be designed around people, and streets organised in line with the hierarchy of road users. Our campaigns aim to bring about a transport system that is integrated, accessible, healthy, fair and fit for the future. Read more about how we would like to see this achieved.

Find out more about us and our 31 member organisations, then join us to support our work.

Bus user survey

We carried out a survey of 300+ local bus users in Cambridge, Ely and Huntingdon to find out how they used the bus and what they thought of their services. We found that the bus can be a convenient and pleasant way to travel, but local bus users depend heavily on services which often let them down. We are using our survey results to call for better bus services across the region.
Bar chart showing levels of support for a Sustainable Travel Zone in Cambridge

YouGov survey

Following the GCP’s Making Connections 2022 consultation, we commissioned a representative YouGov survey of Cambridgeshire residents to find out more about what the public thought about the scheme. Our survey showed that 39% supported the Sustainable Travel Zone. We also revealed a strong desire for action on climate change and affordability, so are calling for local authorities to focus on the work needed to ensure a ‘just transition’ to a greener and thriving region.


Travel Alliance member Cambridge Living Streets has launched a new project which aims to encourage walking as a first choice travel mode by building practical, visual information guides for popular journeys to destinations such as schools, workplaces, shops and other amenities. CamStreets4People targets and maps key local walking routes, identifying potential improvements.

Joint position paper on bus stop infrastructure

Travel Alliance member organisations Cambridge Area Bus Users and Cambridge Living Streets have published a joint position paper on bus stop infrastructure, which outlines the principles they believe should apply. They are using this paper to campaign for better bus stops across Cambridgeshire.