About us

We are gathering together a growing movement of local and national organisations who believe that the time has come to transform transport in Cambridgeshire. Find out more about the 31 organisations who support us on our Alliance members’ page.

Our mission:

To unite and inspire people in Cambridgeshire working for a transport network that protects our future and offers genuine choice.

Our vision:

A thriving region of opportunity and inclusion where people can get to where they want to be safely, easily and affordably. Places should be designed around people and streets organised in line with the hierarchy of road users.

We think transport should be:


  • Places should be designed around safe, attractive walking, cycling and public transport networks that make sustainable travel a convenient and reliable choice.
  • Stress-free bus tickets and timetabling, high-quality secure cycle parking and an expanded choice of shared transport should make it easy to switch between sustainable modes.
  • All journeys should start and be linked with good pedestrian infrastructure.


  • Transport networks should provide people with the freedom and independence to get to where they want to be.   
  • Transport choices should not be inhibited by characteristics such as age, income, background or disability.


  • Everyone should be able to choose transport options that allow them to stay healthy and active.  
  • There is no safe level of air pollution and transport solutions should aim to rapidly reduce current levels, particularly in the most badly-affected areas.
  • Authorities should work to create places that are promote healthy lives for everyone with clean air, well-maintained surfaces and access to green space.


  • It should be easy and safe to walk or cycle to school whether you live in a village or a city suburb.
  • Cycleways and footpaths should be coherent, direct, safe, comfortable and attractive on both residential streets and rural routes.
  • There should be a good bus service whether you live in the north of the county or the south.
  • People should be able to live enjoyable, rewarding lives whether or not they have access to a car.


  • Travel choices should protect the lives of others and the precious world we live in
  • Transport networks should help people live the lives they dream of: helping young people broaden their horizons and keeping older people connected and independent.
  • Places and transport should be built for a changing world: addressing and adapting to climate change, and designed flexibly around the lives and jobs of the future.

Our history:

The Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance was founded in October 2022 by three organisations – Cambridge Living Streets, Camcycle and Cambridge Area Bus Users – which campaign for better walking, cycling and public transport respectively.

Established in response to the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)’s Making Connections 2022 consultation on a Sustainable Travel Zone road charge for Cambridge, we campaigned in support of proposals, believing that the funding and opportunity offered a unique moment to reshape the city and wider county around the needs of its people. In September 2023, however, the GCP took the decision not to progress the Sustainable Travel Zone proposals any further. You can read about the proposals and our campaigning here.

The Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance continues to support the principle of road charging for Cambridge and also works on other transport projects which we believe will deliver a sustainable future for everyone in our region.

Our funding:

Much of the work of the Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance is enabled by funding from the Foundation for Integrated Transport, a charity set up by the late Dr Simon Norton in 2014 to make transport better for people and the environment.