Will the proposals make it easier to walk or wheel around the city?

The income from the road charge that would be put in place as part of Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)’s Sustainable Travel Zone proposals would be ring-fenced for investments in sustainable travel across the region. There would therefore be a sustained source of funding for the improved walking infrastructure in the city that is sorely needed.

The specifics of the additional walking infrastructure that would be funded under the scheme would be mapped out at a later stage (the GCP is encouraging people to make suggestions in the consultation survey), but the plans are likely to align with the County Council’s Active Travel strategy, which focuses on walking as well as cycling. This aims to “create a well-connected, safe and inclusive active travel network that will become the ‘go-to’ travel option for many journeys”.

Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance member Cambridge Living Streets (the local branch of the national charity) would like to see an Active Travel strategy that is more precise in terms of actions and timetables. In particular, they would like to see infrastructure that will enable pedestrians to walk or wheel safely between bus stops as currently pavements and crossing points are of poor quality and not well maintained. This could be something to mention in Question 7 of the consultation survey which asks about further improvements to walking and cycling links you’d like to see funded.