What do we think about the proposed Sustainable Travel Zone?

Cover of the GCP Making Connections consultation brochure

Our member organisations have been considering the Sustainable Travel Zone proposals published by the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) and are broadly supportive.

Reducing car traffic by around 50% as predicted by the GCP could transform space for people walking, cycling, using public transport and spending time in Cambridge. We believe the overall approach of funding significant public transport improvements from road charging is sound, and has worked in other cities. We do have some concerns about some aspects of the proposals, and believe they can be addressed during the consultation.

Continuing with ever-growing levels of congestion is, in our view, not an option.

Our guide to the GCP’s Sustainable Travel Zone consultation (named ‘Making Connections’) sets out a summary of our views.

Our member organisations Camcycle and Cambridge Living Streets have also issued consultation guides.