How could we recruit enough bus drivers?

There is currently a shortage of bus drivers in Cambridgeshire, which has resulted in scaled back bus services and last-minute cancellations. Given the shortage is nationwide, how could enough bus drivers be recruited and trained to fulfil the enhanced services proposed as part of the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)’s Making Connections 2022 proposals?

West Yorkshire has already started to tackle its bus driver shortage with a recruitment and training programme. A dedicated bus driving jobs website has been set up and a recruitment event was held where members of the public were able to meet and chat to bus operators and drivers, in part with the aim of encouraging a more diverse workforce. Individuals will have the opportunity to take a ‘Route to Success’ programme delivered by a leading training provider, which includes a myth-busting course to discover what a bus driver’s day is actually like and theory training. Nearly 20% of the participants will then be able to progress to a fully-funded bus driver training programme.

Perhaps similar methods could be used in Cambridgeshire to inspire more people to consider bus driving as a career and go on to complete a bus driver training course?