Where have these proposals come from?

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) has undertaken a number of engagements and consultations around the big issues in Cambridgeshire. The Sustainable Travel Zone proposals are part of the City Access programme, which “aims to reduce congestion and improve public transport in order to offer people better journeys, as well as reducing air pollution and carbon emissions from transport”.

Previous City Access consultations

In the Big Conversation in 2017, the GCP asked the public about their current challenges, hopes and ideas for the future. This was to help prioritise long-term investment plans.

In March 2019 the GCP ran the Choices for Better Journeys public survey. Over 5,000 residents and transport users took part. They were asked to choose the best way of funding public transport and reducing traffic jams. 

A Citizens Assembly for Greater Cambridge was created in 2019 where members of the public were brought together to consider public issues and make a recommendation on what action should be taken on each issue.

In 2021 the GCP held the first Making Connections consultation which asked for thoughts on the proposals for transforming public transport, cycling and walking and reducing pollution and congestion. 

However, for many, the proposal for a Sustainable Travel Zone has still come as a surprise and the GCP must engage more effectively with local residents to allow them to participate actively in the consultation.