Would every village have access to a bus service?

Yes, the proposals for transformation of the bus network published by the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) include plans for demand-responsive transport in the form of bookable buses for villages that are not on the main bus network. These work in a similar way to existing Dial-a-Ride services, but are open for everyone to use. A bookable bus service called ‘Ting’ is currently being trialed in West Huntingdonshire.

Residents in villages without a scheduled bus service would be able to book a bus that picks them up from near their homes. These bookable buses would make shorter local journeys or connect passengers to more frequent scheduled bus services and rail stations for onward journeys. They would not have specific timetables or routes; their movements would instead be determined by the needs of the people who book them. Journeys would be shared with other people wanting to make similar trips at the same time.