What does the GCP hope to learn through the consultation?

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is seeking qualitative feedback on its proposals for a Sustainable Travel Zone. In other words, the GCP would like to hear the reasons why people do and don’t support the scheme and receive details of things they would like to see changed.

“This is a genuine consultation and we want people’s views. Take the bus measures. We’re not saying we’ve got them right. People will come forward with other ideas … and that’s what we want to hear. We want to hear the good, the bad, the positive, the negative … We genuinely want people to engage and give us their feedback, because it’s only in doing so… that the politicians can decide if they want to proceed and, if so, how.”

Alistair Cox (GCP)

“We’re out to consultation on all aspects [of the proposals] and we absolutely want people’s responses to say ‘I like that bit’, or ‘I don’t like that bit, but that’s the reason why, and that’s the thing I think you may be able to change’ … because that gives us a weight of qualitative response that we can then feed into future deliberations…”

Peter Blake (GCP)

Listen to Alistair Cox, Technical Director at the GCP, responding to a question from the public (relayed by Camcycle Chair Robin Heydon) about proposing changes to the scheme:

Alistair Cox (GCP), speaking at Camcycle’s Monthly Meeting in November 2022

Watch Peter Blake, GCP Transport Director, ask the public to respond to the consultation explaining the reasons why they may or may not support the proposals and what they’d like to see changed, in order to inform future deliberations:

Peter Blake, GCP Transport Director, GCP Making Connections Webinar 2