What exemptions from the charge will there be?

There is a wide range of proposed exemptions:

  • Emergency Vehicles  
  • Military Vehicles  
  • Disabled tax class vehicles  
  • Registered breakdown services  
  • NHS tax-exempt vehicles  
  • Dial-a-ride services  
  • Certain local authority operational vehicles  
  • Blue badge holders  
  • Buses  
  • Car club vehicles (official providers)  
  • Hackney Carriages (taxis) meeting emissions and accessibility criteria  
  • Private Hire Vehicles meeting emissions and accessibility criteria  
  • People on low incomes   
  • NHS patients clinically assessed as too ill, weak or disabled to travel to an appointment on public transport  
  • NHS staff using a vehicle to carry certain items  
  • NHS patients accessing Accident and Emergency services 
  • NHS and other emergency services staff responding to an emergency when on call 
  • Other essential emergency service trips made in business vehicles that are not specifically listed above for exemptions  
  • Social care, peripatetic health workers and CQC-registered care home workers  
  • Minibuses and LGVs used by charities and not-for-profit groups 

This exemption list is what has been proposed by the Greater Cambridge Partnership, based on feedback from the last Making Connections consultation. Like the rest of this consultation, it is a starting point to seek views. Do share feedback on the exemption list if you have any – you can do this in question 17 of the online survey.