What are the main changes being proposed?

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is consulting on proposals for a Sustainable Travel Zone in Cambridge. You can find out more and have your say on their consultation website. These are the main changes the scheme is proposing.

Cheaper buses

Under these plans, bus fares would be significantly reduced – a single fare within the City would be £1 and buses into Cambridge from surrounding towns and villages would be £2.

Faster, more frequent and more reliable buses

Longer operating hours are proposed, with buses running from 5am to 1am each day except Sunday with buses running from 5am to midnight. There would be up to 8 buses an hour on key city routes, up to 6 buses an hour from market towns and larger villages and hourly services from smaller villages. Scheduled services would run alongside Demand Responsive Transport (bookable services, not restricted by locations or timetables).

More investment in cycling and walking

Alongside the bus network, there would be investment in new sustainable travel schemes, such as better walking and cycling links, both inside and outside the city.

A Sustainable Travel Zone across the whole of Cambridge to promote the use of public transport and active travel

Vehicles would be charged for driving within the zone between 7am and 7pm on weekdays. The money raised would fund improvements to the bus network and other sustainable travel schemes. The road charge would be introduced after the sustainable travel improvements were put in place.

Traffic reduction

It is estimated that car journeys in Cambridge will reduce by an expected 50% as a result of the Sustainable Travel Zone. This would make walking and cycling safer, buses more reliable and create more space for people (e.g. allow more seating, greenery and public space).