If you want safe walking and cycling, reliable buses
and a positive future for everyone, we need YOUR voice!

Time is running out to improve transport in Cambridgeshire. The Sustainable Travel Zone is a proposal from the Greater Cambridge Partnership to reduce traffic in Cambridge and create space and funding for better walking, cycling and buses. Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance strongly supports these proposals, which we believe create a real opportunity to provide a decent public transport system and real travel choices to the people of Cambridgeshire.

Read our 5-minute guide

The Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance has written a consultation guide to help people understand the proposals and respond in a meaningful way. 

Find out more

On the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s website, you can read more information about the proposals. Find the consultation brochure and an interactive bus tool.

Have your say

Go directly to the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s consultation survey and have your say TODAY. There are sections on buses, walking & cycling, and a road charge.

You can also find answers to many questions about the Sustainable Travel Zone proposals on our Frequently Asked Questions page.